Popular Package Options :

Here is a list of some of our most popular packages used by churches, schools and medium sized events. If you would like a custom package please feel free to contact us and we will work with you to create the perfect package to meet your needs!


Package options: (use categories below for selecting items )

Option A: 1 Bouncer + 1 Combo + Obstacle Course = $550 ( Regular price $595) 3 items total!!

Option B: 1 Bouncer + 1 Combo + Double Bay Slide = $600 ( Regular price $645) 3 items total!!

Option C: 2 Bouncer's + 2 Combo's + Obstacle Course = $830 ( Regular price $890) 5 items total!!

Option D: 2 Bouncer's + 2 Combo's + Double Bay Slide = $890 ( Regular price $940) 5 items total!!

Option E: 2 Bouncer's + 2 Combo's + Double Bay Slide + Obstacle Course = $1,100 ( Regular price $1,240) 6 items total!!


Have a Big Event?

We are experts at helping plan the FUN for your event. When planning an event there are many things to consider that will dictate what inflatables will ensure your guest have the maximum amount of fun. Depending on your needs and budget most events will fall into one of three different service package options:


Silver Package: The Silver Package is the most widely used service for schools, churches and smaller groups. With this option we will deliver, setup and then come tear down when your event is over. With the silver package your group is responsible for staffing the inflatables and games you are renting for your event. We will make you a special package with discounted pricing on multiple items making this the most budget friendly option for most events.


Gold Package: The Gold Package is for those groups or events that want to be hands off and let us handle the entire process from start to finish. With the Gold Package we will not only deliver,setup and teardown your event but we will also provide staffing for each inflatable during the duration of your event. We will make you the best a custom package to WOW your guest based on your budget.


Pay To Plays: The Pay to Play package is for events who wish to have us come to thier event and setup and staff inflatables for kids areas/play areas and charge thier guest to play on the inflatables. This Package is different on an event to event basis. For us to come and host a pay to play for your event we do have minumums we charge upfront per unit to come out and provide this service for you. We will never pay for a space, or come out as a vendor so if thats what your looking for we are not the company for you. Once the agreed minimum is met we then will work out a profit split of the additional revenue between you as the event and us as the service provider. A typical split after the minimum is met is 70/30. With this option you not only get to provide fun entertainment for your event but also make a profit for doing nothing!